Being willing to leave yesterday’s pain and success behind and being unwilling to be limited by anything , anyone or circumstances. Strategies changes, but not your vision. Stay focused. 

If you have a vision and you have no challenges, be very scared. If your light is shinning bright it will attract all kinds of people either in a positive or negative way. Your vision must be bigger than you. How else will you know it’s from God? Tough situation don’t last, but tough people do.

God made you and he programmed you for victory. Nothing can stop you from fulfilling your destiny except you. Never settle for anything but the best. 

I was minding my own business and just happy being a family woman and self employed until God changed my life and gave me a vision bigger than me and all of a sudden, l have so many haters and the light on my life attracts all kinds of negative critics, jealousy, envious from people l thought should care. I was totally confused and broken before l realised it comes with the vision. I refuse to let anyone change my destiny once the Lord has given me the blue print. Follow God’s plan for your life. He is the author and creator of your life. God never said it will be easy, but he said he will see you through (Isaiah 43 vs 2 )

Your best is yet to come.