God fearing , fashionable, positive and excellent yummy mummy Mercy Balogun is our wondermama of the month. Mercy B, as she is popularly known, is a UK based gospel singer,author,founder and executive producer of the renowned gospel talent hunt show, Time 2 Shine.

The series featured judges such as Guvna B, Angie Lemar and premeired in 2011. Anastasia Baker, Esther Farinde and Divine Divine are some of the shows past winners. This wondemama, wife and mother of three is truly expectional, and we were really excited to have interviewed her and hope you’ll be inspired by her story.

“l had a wonderful relationship with my mum. She was a powerful woman of God. She was a very caring and lovely woman. I watched how she always treated my father with respect and raise us in a Godly way. I can never forget when l was growing up and l was helping my mother to cook in the kitchen , so l asked her why she never argued or faught our dad? She was shocked and she replied me that it was not that she didn’t argue with my dad , she just chose not to disrespect my father in front of us and l held that in my mind. My mother taught me to fear God and how to serve him. She was a teacher and that reflected a lot in my upbringing . She was tough but yet very loving. She taught me how to cook and be a woman. Sadly l lost my mum two years ago, but l can never forget her beautiful heart and how selfless she was while raising us. I think l appreciated my mum more when l started having my children too. Mothers are precious .l miss her so much.”


“Motherhood has changed me in so many ways. I am selfless and more prayerful and always looking out for my children . Before l became a mother, l was immature and carefree but now l have grown and I have learned to be smarter and be strong for my children.

It was not easy navigating from raising young children to grown up children. I am the last born of my family and l didn’t have any experience at all. My husband didn’t have any experience either, but by the grace of God , we come up with a plan that works . I left my work and became stay at home mum and my husband was working. It was a real sacrifice which l am glad l did. It gave me the opportunity to know my children more , l spent more time with them and that helped me to know them individually and train them in a Godly way and teach them the importance of family. The bible says ” train a child the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it ( proverb 22 vs 6 )  they are grown up now , they are still very close and we enjoy spending time together. When my children were in full time school , l opened up a salon and that allowed me to still be able to spend time with my them . When God gave me the vision for Time2Shine , my daughter took over the salon and she is doing a great job. I am so proud of her.”

Greatest accomplisment thus far,besides from her children

“My greatest accomplishment is knowing my purpose and stepping out in faith to accomplish my dream. I was so lost and had a fear of unknown until my encounter with Christ. I now believe that one of the saddest thing is for a woman or man  to die without accomplishing her/his purpose .”

Inspiration behind her soon to be launched debut book ‘Fall in love with his vision not his wallet’

“We live in an age where the subject of relationship has taken many forms . Who is the right partner ? How do you know if he/ she loves you ? What is marriage?

I used the story of how l met my husband and my experiences of being married for 29 years, and still counting, as the inspiration behind this book. I wrote it as a blog initially on my blog page about how l fell in love with my husband without anything to offer than his vision for the future.

The feedback and reaction l had on it was overwhelming and l realised that people really need help in this area. Thousands of readers hailed this blog as informative and encouraging . I am very passionate when it comes to relationships. I always love to help and writing this book will get to many people l can not talk to. These days your book and your blog on line can travel to places you will never get to. The book is full of Godly wisdom that is useful for marriages and singles .”

 Most people know her as the creator and judge of the popular gospel musical talent show, Time 2 shine, what was the journey like creating such a huge platform for UK gospel talents? Any obstacles, how did she overcome them?

“Time2Shine was one of the biggest challenge of my life. It was a long and painful journey. God gave me a vision that was way bigger than me and l had to trust him completely. When God gives you a vision , you have to go through the process and most cases it can be really tough , depending on your journey . I had to learn to take my eyes off man and focus on God . I lost so many friends and relationships along the way . People l thought would be there were not there. I had days when l just wanted to run away and bury my head in the sand. I really thank God for not giving up on me and also for the support of my family . The journey was rough because l had no experience or contacts. When l showed up on the scene , not many people believed in me. It was a lonely road . God truly uses the foolish things of this world to shame the wise( 1 Corinthians 1 vs 27) But today it’s a different story. To God be the glory.”

When can the fans of Time 2 shine expect a come back?

“So many people are asking the same question . I guess if it was not a good show, no one will ask . I am still waiting on God for the come back. I am working behind the scene and God is working on me so when the time is right, we will be back.”

What inspies this resilient mother?

 “My faith and my vision to see lives transform through the vision God has given to me inspires me. I get so inspired when l hear people’s comments after reading my blog. Hearing testimonies of contestants on my show inspired me too.”

If she could go back in time to advice her young self as a new mum, what would she say?

 “Enjoy every moment with your children . Time lost can never be regained . Teach your children the fear of God . Always remember your children are the future generation. If you don’t train your children, they will destroy your dream. Keep your dream alive . You are more than a mother , don’t lose your personality Don’t allow your present situation to destroy your future . There is no condition that is permanent in this world. When your children grow up that is when you will appreciate the time and love you are giving to them. Your efforts are not wasted . Motherhood is beautiful . Enjoy it.”

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