I would like start off by sharing my experience of how I came to this topic.
Every Friday night from church l would drop my sister at her house. There was a side road leading to the house, there the traffic light would take forever to turn green. I would complain and complain and wonder why the light would take so long, some nights I even had to go through a longer route to get to her house. On one night , I was waiting there as usual and a bus was behind me, all of a sudden l heard a knock on my window, it was a man eager to get my attention so I rolled down my window. He was the bus driver and he said to me “madam if you don’t move into the censor on that box, the light will not turn green, there is a censor on the box!” Is that all l needed to do? What an eye opener is was after all my weeks of suffering at the traffic light. It happened in a very small way , but sometimes God will speak to you through people and situations to get to you. I am sure my family did not see it the way I see it, because the message was for me  (God tends to do this a lot to me).

I hope you can identify with this, how many times do we get frustrated because we are not where we are meant to be, maybe God has been telling you to take a step forward or change location, but we are fearful of the unknown, we are familiar with where we are, and not seeking what God wants for our life. When you are in a right place at the right time, everything will fall in place. I was in so much fear of the unknown that l just wanted to be where l am familiar with and where l will be tolerated and not where I will be celebrated. God used this experience to wake me up from stagnancy, I was trapped in one stop for a while and l don’t know how to move forward. I love the fact that I know my routines but the thought of not knowing what is on the other side of the coins scares me so much.

I had heard so many sermons on faith, destiny, changing your world and pursuing God’s purpose for your life, but there was this thing that was holding me down. I knew the right thing to do but I just could not move and at that point l knew l needed a divine intervention from God.
Imagine yourself standing in front of your house with a wrong key for your house, and you needed to go in, you know this is your house, everything you needed is inside and all you have to do is to enter, but you are not using the right key and until you change the key, you are not going in. Knowing the house, praying in tongues and binding all kind of devils will not change it. You can complain until you are blue in the face. You need to take some drastic action, you either need to break down the door and change the locks or you can be very frustrated and waste your time and energy. If that driver never told me to moved into the box and I never listened,  I will still be complaining, wasting my time driving around or stop dropping my sister home, depriving myself of so much yet all l had to do is to move to where l needed to be.
Many Christians are trapped and afraid to take the step of faith, but take comfort by praying and saying they are waiting on God. Please do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in waiting on God. The book of Ecclesiastes 3 vs 1-8 tell us for everything that happens in life- there is a season, a right time for everything under heaven. You can be in one season for so long and be too comfortable to know when your season changes. I was there and l know what I am talking about. What if you missed your next season because you are so afraid of trusting God for your next move. When we pray and we are genuine. God will show you the way, but are you ready to follow his direction.
This is what l say to people all the time, God is the ancient of days and he never grow old, but we do. The bible says that a thousand year is like a day in the eyes of God, if God gives you an instruction and you did not listen , he will leave you there until you obeyed . Many times we say say we are waiting on God, maybe God is waiting on you too. trust and obey is the only way to be happy in Jesus.  I really thank God for opening my eyes and giving me courage to take the biggest step of faith to pursue my purpose in life, I am still work in progress , but l am learning to walk with him on a daily basis. If he can do it for me he will direct your path too.

Do you have a decision you need to make today? Maybe you know his will for your life but you are procrastinating. The bible says in the book of James 4 vs 17 “if anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.” If you are still lost and confused about his will for your life. Seek him with all your heart and he will show you the way. Looking back to my life now, I am so glad I follow his direction and stop thinking about what people will say about me. People will fail you, but God will never leave you or forsake you. See you on the winning side.