A few of my readers have asked where my outfits are from so I have decided to start an Outfit of The Day trail!

If you read my blog ‘Don’t be too religious to dress up’ you will know i love to shop, and I shop in high street shops too (don’t be fooled, looking good doesn’t cost much)

You will be surprised how much i love to shop in RIVER ISLAND. Yes, River Island! There are some really sophisticated and good quality pieces in this store, and the price is reasonable.

River Island Denim Poncho Cardigan with belt- £20.00 on sales

River Island Jumpsuit – £50.00

Shoes from Michael Kors -£100

Bag… hmmmm.. ( l travel a lot and l always take advantage of currency exchange to get the best bargain. I bought this bag from Burberry in Barbados. Let’s just say my husband is not very happy with this bag Lol. I love bags and l just couldn’t say no to this beautiful bag. It’s not everyday you shop in Burberry Lol. Every time you go on holiday you already have spending money so why can’t you spoil yourself especially when you are converting the strongest UK pounds… Be smart. You can look good without breaking the bank.


Have you heard the saying that if you feel good inside you will look good on the outside. You can not hide your feelings with expensive dressing and heavy make up. You need to feed your spiritual mind and be renewed in your spirit and it will show in your appearance. It’s in our spirit that we have meaning and purpose in life. Our spirit enables us to love one another , our self and God.  When l put my colours together and look at myself in the mirror l feel good.  No wonder Paul prays for us in the book of  1 Thessalonians 5 for us to be well spirit, soul and body.


Don’t expose your God given asset that is meant for your husband to the whole world. I don’t believe you need to expose your breast and body to look nice and attractive. You are fearfully and wonderfully made ( psalm 139).

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MB x