People always ask me where I get my outfits from so l decided to do a short blog to appreciate our culture and thumbs up to all the great designers out there especially my designers that always make me look beautiful and elegant.  I have two designers; Monis house of fashion based in London and Button designer based in Nigeria. I tell them what l want and l can guarantee a beautiful outfit for any occasion.




There is something beautiful and elegant about African attire. If you want to stand out in a crowd African wear will make you stand out. Our material is colourful and stylish and in vogue right now. I love the idea that l can design my own outfit just the way l like it. Nigerian outfits make you look rich even if you don’t have a penny in your account Lol. Our designers have come a long way. You can not see african material used to design outfits found on the high street shops and catalogue. If you see some of our style book you will be confused of which style you want to choose.


If you are living in the UK you will appreciate the opportunity to dress in your native attire unlike many of us that lives in a country with 24 hours of sunshine. Most of the time my father will be complaining the weather too hot in Nigeria while l will be groaning over here with my big jacket and boots. God is amazing and he can do anything and anytime. I guess you have to appreciate what you have and that is why l take advantage of the nice weather to enjoy wearing my outfits. I might have to wait another one year to be colourful. Remember don’t be too religious to dress up. (Click here to read the blog!)