I once learnt a very valuable lesson about positioning yourself for greatness on a drive to the dry cleaners. I was taking my husbands clothes to the dry cleaners and as I had so much clothes, I needed to park my car right in front of the shop , but the parking space was full – there was only two car park spaces. I was driving around trying to see if someone will move so l can park there.  I decided to park nearby and watch the space, but what I didn’t do is turn my car around in the right position to occupy the space, I thought I will just do a U-turn when the space is available, before I even realised one car moved in and at that point I knew it will be difficult for me to get into the space , I quickly tried to do my U-turn , but what I didnt know is that someone else was watching as well, by the time I got back there the space was gone and I was back to square one.

I was angry and then I realized it was my fault because I did not position myself for what I was waiting for. God began to minister to me through this experience; how many times do we pray and we never prepare or position ourselves for the miracle. What you don’t know is that many people are watching and waiting for the same opportunity you are waiting for, like the way I thought I was the only one looking for the space to park. How many times do we pray and we expect God to do everything for us, maybe like the way I thought I can just do a U-turn and get into the space, instead of taking time out to turn and be ready to grab the opportunity. You might be thinking I don’t need to do any training or prepare myself , the job will just fall on my lap because you know how to fast and pray. Have you forgotten we are to watch and pray.  You thought you will just rush and take some quick short courses to get in, forgetting the parable of Ten virgins in the Bible. (Matt 25 vs 1-12)

Many times when im in a big crusade l will see many people praying and pouring their heart before God, I am talking about thousands of people and at that point I will be like what can l do differently that will get God’s attention! I am not being selfish, it’s called positioning. I am not sure if you have ever heard the story of a woman with the  issue of blood in the book of Mark 5 vs 24-32. There was a huge crowd and this woman was determined to gets God’s attention. She didn’t stand far away, expecting God to come to her or be discouraged and stress out with the amount of people in the crowd. She said to herself if l can only touch the hem of his garment, I don’t want to talk stories, I don’t want any self pity and definitely don’t need a hug. I just need a plan of action backed with faith which is equal to positioning. If you don’t know the end of the story, she received a miracle and we are reading about her in the bible now because she put her faith to work.  Many people are in that place on this very special day, but we don’t know about them because they did not do anything significant.

What is your dream and what are you doing about it?

Are you waiting for the opportunity but you don’t position yourself?

The saddest thing in life is to get to your destination unprepared. Imagine you are running a marathon and you need a baton at the end of the race, you run a good race but when you get to your destiny you left the baton behind. You need to stand out from the rest and go the extra mile. You have been be waiting to meet someone for a very long time that could change your life and when you have the opportunity comes, if you only have 5 minutes to present yourself, are you prepared?

I have heard many people say to me that God will do it and l will ask them how?  God needs something from you to work, remember that God asked Moses in the book of exodus 4 vs 2 God said to Moses “what is in your Hand” He used what is in his hands. There is something unique about you that you don’t think is important, That is exactly what God wants to use to elevate you. Moses used his staff everyday to shepherd his sheep and never thought of it as anything useful than that. What do you have in your hand and do you want to give it to Jesus to use it for his glory.

I heard a song that says we have prayed, sowed and now we are waiting for our harvest. If you never sowed , what do you want to reap? If you have never prayed a right prayer, how will you know when the answer comes, if you are not expectant, nothing will never come for you. If I am home alone and someone keeps knocking the door, I will not open the door because I am not expecting anyone, but if l am expecting a delivery or someone I will rush to open the door.

I will round up with the story of Peter in the book of Acts 12 when he was arrested and the disciplines were praying for his release from prison, they were praying, but with no expectation, I guess they are fulfilling all righteousness , when the maid told them that Peter was at the door, they told her she is out of her mind and when she kept insisting that it was so, they said “it must be his angel” Did that sound familiar? How many times have we prayed just because we are to pray, but with no expectation. You dare to believe and when the answer comes others will be bitter, no wonder we have many frustrated Christians in our churches.
Don’t be religious. Watch and pray and position yourself for greatness. Don’t get caught up in the act, be part of the action. If God said it, he will do it. Be ready.