Mothers are part of the vessel that God uses to multiply the world.women are masterpiece beautifully created by God. In the book of psalm 139 vs 13 it says You (GOD) created my inmost being, You knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I celebrate mothers for that honour to carry a precious life.

Mothers are very important and essential. It’s not easy to be a mother and l am talking about the mothers that sacrifice so much for their children. I say it all the time to my children about how they invaded my privacy for nine month and they own me and they will often ask me if they will ever finish repaying me for how they invaded my life. I joke a lot about it, but the truth is that mothers go through so much pain and risk to their own lives during the process of childbearing . You put on so much weight during pregnancy and for some of us we dont lose the weight afterwards. Your body goes through so much changes . If a woman gave birth to a child and you are not talking to her before, for the sake of what she went through during the labour you have to congratulate her!

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I remember when my children were growing up l would go shopping to buy stuff for myself but l will end up using all my money for them. Can a woman forget her nursing child, that she should have no compassion on the son of her womb (lsaiah 49 vs 15 ) This passage praises good mothers as compassionate and always look out for the children no matter how old they are.

Women can multitask; you are breast feeding, cooking and talking all at the same time . You are a wife and sometimes like a mother to your husband. The husband sometimes needs attention just as much as the children. Most times you are not appreciated and yet you are still doing your very best. Mothers endure so much and only God can reward them greatly. You have to be selfless to be a good mother. You are a cleaner, cook, driver, counsellor , teacher, role model , nanny, nurse, you are a daughter and a daughter in law and the list is endless. When my children are growing up l have to always find time at night time to remember myself because all day all l hear is mummy mummy mummy. So it’s possible for you to care for everyone and forget about yourself . I will also remind them that l am someone’s child too. Please l encourage men out there to appreciate your wife and celebrate her for carrying your child in her womb. Just try and put a bowl in your belly and go around with it for a day and see how inconvenient you are , now picture doing that for 9months. A word is enough for the wise. Some mothers endured so much in their marriage all because of the children . Mothers you are so precious and priceless . I salute you.

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I want to use this opportunity to remember my mother. I lost my mother almost a year ago now and l still miss her everyday. She taught me so much and sacrificed a lot for me. She was a prayerful woman of God and she was full of wisdom. I have so many wonderful childhood memories because my mother was a true mother with a heart of gold. She was a teacher, she was very tough but at the same time had a soft side. She had a wonderful sense of humour. My mother taught me how to cook and be a good wife. I must say l did not fully appreciate all the training till l got married and had my first baby, that’s when l fully thanked her for all her hard work and her love for me. My mother died at the age of 86 years old and l am so grateful that l had so much time to look after her before she passed away. I remember when she was dying l found it very difficult to let her go . I am a grown up woman and l still believe l need my mother.  I guess it’s because l am the last born of the family and my mother still called me my baby before she died. Every time l travelled home to see her, she always had a very big smile and a song to welcome me. One of her last word to me was “Daughter l have packed and l am ready to go” and l remembered joking with her that mum you don’t need anything in heaven, you see my mother talked alot about heaven, she was never afraid of dieing, she has been talking about seeing God for a long time because she is a genuine woman of God so l take comfort in knowing that my mother is at the feet of Jesus and singing with the Angels because she loves singing.


What will your children remember you for ?

Please appreciate your mother while they are around. Don’t take your mother for granted. I know it’s silly, but l always thought my parent will always be around. You know how many times l would love to call my mum before l realise she can never pick up her phone again. Take time out to spend time with your mother especially if you have a good mother.  I know some mother are not worthy to be called mother, but if you are privileged to have a good mother, let her always bless you, not curse you. My mother was a very fashionable woman and every time l travelled home to see her, she will always remind me to buy her nice dresses and shoes even at that old age. I am glad l made her so happy and l will always cherish our time together.


I want to especially salute single mothers that are doing a great job raising their children. They have to be a mother and a father at the same time. God will strengthen  you and you will reap abundantly in Jesus name.


If you are a full time mother, l commend you for your sacrifice. You worked all hours and days without day off or Holiday. People tend to look down on House wifes because they are at home raising the children, but it’s the hardest job ever and most rewarding because you will have closer bond with your children. I was a house wife for years and l know what l am talking about. It takes everything out of you, but it is rewarding and l am enjoying the fruit of it now.

To all the mothers out there you are special and you shall be celebrated in Jesus name. Sometimes you do all you can and the children choose to go the other way, don’t stop praying for your children. Don’t give up on them. Remember you are a custodian, commit them to their creator. Don’t blame yourself for everything . You are a good mother if you never give up. Yes you have made mistake in the past, but you can not change your past, but you can change the future.  If you are a new mother be very careful how you raise your children. Do not kill them with love without disciplining them .

Read the book of Proverb 23 vs 13 “Do not withhold discipline from the child”.  l remember a popular story of a boy who constantly steals and commits all kind of crime and the mother never rebuked him. She believed that if she rebuked him, the boy will be offended and will not love her. The boy grew up to be an armed robber. He was arrested and condemn to death. On the day of his execution , he asked his mother to come closer to him because he wanted to whisper something in her ears, the man bit off his mother’s ears and told her if you had corrected me while l was growing up l will not be here today.  Mothers be very careful how you are bribing your children with gifts and they learn more on social network and latest games than they will ever learn from you because you are busy chasing money. The upbringing of the child determines their future. I know we have to work but please lets have some quality time with our children and raise them in the way of the Lord. Proverb 22 vs 6 says Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. The child you did not raise well will grow up and destroy the house you spend time and money to build. I grew in the household of faith and my mother constantly told me about God, l did not really commit fully until when l was confronted with issues of life. I suddenly remember everything my parents taught me about God. You might think they are not listening , don’t stop, keep telling them from a very young age, don’t leave your children at home and go to church. In the book of Joshua 24 vs 15 “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”

Mothers, a lot is riding on us and you are responsible for your children. God expect so much from us as mothers because we spend more time with the children than the fathers. We started bonding with our baby right from when the baby is in our womb. We taught them many good and bad habits. They watched what we do. Have you ever wonder why babies first word is Dada, because most women complained so much about the father that all the baby ever heard is daddy this, Daddy that. Let’s carry ourselves well in front of our children. Don’t say to them don’t do what l do but do what l say. It doesn’t work like that. You can’t keep lying and you expect your children to tell the truth. You are the best role model for your children. Some children are abused under their own roof and the so called mothers looked away because she would rather keep the man than protect her own child. May God have mercy.

I am not saying it’s easy but with the grace of God we will be the best mother that our children can be proud of. The Government or the School is not responsible for your children. Let’s do our part and let the world bless your womb and not curse you because of how your Children mess up the society.  I am very close to my children, but l let them know when they cross the line. My role as a mother is to love them enough to discipline them and challenge them to be the very best in everything they do. If you love your children you will rebuke them because you want the best for them.


I want to appreciate many women out there that don’t have their own biological children , but they have a lot of spiritual children that they are impacting their lives and leading them in the way of the Lord. If you are waiting on God for the fruit of the womb, do not be discouraged, soon and very soon God will surprise you. Start sowing towards other peoples’ children and you will reap a bountiful harvest. If you are pregnant and expecting a baby, start praying for that baby inside your womb now and pray for yourself too.

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I want to use this time to also appreciate pastors who are spiritual mothers to many souls . Thank you for all your prayers and labour of love.

Special Greeting to my Pastor for being a great spiritual mother to me. I salute you woman of God.


Happy Mother’s Day to all great women out there.

Have a wonderful and beautiful day because you deserve it.


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R I P my dearest mother.  You are a virtuous woman and you showed me it’s good to serve the Lord.