What the Lord has done for me l can not tell it all. I just came home from Annastasia Baker’s concert and l cannot sleep because God took me back to the very beginning of this journey. Dreams do come true. What l experienced at this concert proved to me over and over that God is faithful. What he said He will do that is what He will do. What we started four years ago has grown into something great. I sat down there and l thought to myself how on earth would l have met all this wonderful people and be a part of Annastasia’ s destiny if I didn’t start this journey!?

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I was so happy to see people come out on a Sunday evening to support a gospel artist, l was so happy to see so many great British artist’s supporting her.

I believe that something has definitely changed in the Gospel industry in the UK.  My life has changed so much and it is only because l said ‘YES’ to the Lord. I had a dream about 4years ago that l met MaryMary and years later l see myself not only meeting one of the members Erica Campbell but also having the privilege to have her over for dinner at my home with Marvin Winan Jr. If that is not God, tell me how that can happen?

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I am really grateful to God and l owe everything to him. I watched my dream becoming reality at that concert. I just want to see the name of God glorified without compromise. I want to see someone hungry and passionate for Christ do what God has called them to do. I want to see unity among Christians. This is the beginning of many great things to come. Big thank you to Blackgrape global for believing in my dream and working really hard to change the gospel scene in the UK. The best is yet to come. Thank you to everyone who believed in this dream and was at the concert. I appreciate you all and a MASSIVE well done to Annastasia Baker for an incredible concert.