The Easter period is one of the best season for me. I do a lot of meditation and ponder so much on the goodness of God and the power of the cross. I think a lot about sacrificial act of Jesus and how he loves me so much and cares for me. One of my favourite passage in the bible is Luke 19 vs 30. Jesus was addressing the disciple to go into a certain village and release a donkey for him to ride in to the temple to fulfilled his purpose. I can relate so much to this story because I used to be a donkey that was tied down and until Jesus set me free l did not know my purpose. 


Let’s talk about this donkey for a bit. I want to start by firstly describing the purpose of donkey and what it should be doing. The Donkeys is used all over the world for an infinite variety of jobs. Some common uses are recreational riding, recreation driving and many backpackers use a donkey to carry heavy load. Donkeys are teachers they teach you how to be patient and kind. Donkeys make you laugh and we know laughter is good for your soul. They have incredible memories and they are very strong, and apparently they are good companion and always happy to see you and yet this donkey was tied down and unable to do any of his purpose. If the Donkey was meant to be a good companion to the owner, why is he tied down? The donkey was tied down, nobody cared or knew what to do with the donkey and yet this donkey was part of God’s plan and thousands years later we will still be talking about this particular donkey. We cannot talk about Palm Sunday or Easter without talking about this donkey and while it was tied down, people look down on it and probably refer to it as useless because in those times they used donkey a lot to move around, but this donkey was tied down for a purpose that no one really knew. When the time was right, Jesus sent the disciples to the exact location when the donkey was and gave them specific instruction of what to do. I don’t know if you have ever felt like that donkey that was tied down and helpless. You felt like God has forgotten you or He has ‘changed his postcode’. I am sure if a Donkey can speak, the song will always be (pass me not o gentle saviour) This donkey can see the way other owners are making use of their own donkey and yet nobody remembered this donkey. If God had a plan for the Donkey, God definitely has a plan for you and when it’s your time he will send destiny helpers to you.

Something was happening in the heavenly realm and this donkey was part of it, the donkey is specially selected to rode triumphantly into the temple with Jesus. I hope you can get the picture. You might feel like you are all alone and you cannot fulfil purpose, but you are in God’s plan for a specific assignment. You need to be in the right place at the right time . Jesus knew where the donkey was and he sent his disciples to the right place because it was the right time. It doesn’t matter what you see now your time will come. When they finally untied the donkey, the master asked them why are you untying the donkey? The question is “Why are you bothered about someone untying the donkey?” It was useless to him but very useful to God his true master. Sometimes you have been tied down for so long that people are used to you in that position and they really believe you belong to them forgetting you are the child of God and because you are serving under them it doesn’t mean they own you. 
I love this answer . They replied to him” The Lord needs him” how come the master never fought them and refused to let the donkey go? It was because he knew and recognised the higher authority and when it’s your time no devil from the pit of hell can tie you down. The devil has tied down many people’s destiny and God is about to set you free!

Many years ago l was tied down just like this donkey and l meant spiritually. I felt like l am not good enough for the Master to use me. I believed everybody was better than me and l cannot go beyond where l was. I was in one spot for many years and l almost gave up. I know what l needed to do but there were forces that will not allow me to go, but l did not know that God was keeping me for a specific assignment just like the donkey. When the time was right, God gave me the vision for Time2shine gospel talent show. The vision intimidated me because l have been so down for too long and all l hear from people that are meant to encourage me spiritually are not positive. I was used to hearing l am not good enough. God had to renew my mind before he can ride on me. He untied me and set me free to do what l am created to do. I am sure the first time the donkey will take the first step, it will be strange and it will take a while to realise this is what l am suppose to do. It took some time for me to take my very first step , but God empowered me and show me off for his purpose. I can imagine the excitement for the donkey to see how people are shouting hosanna and so happy to see the donkey, but it’s not about the donkey. It’s because Jesus was riding on the donkey. Sometimes we get carried away with the attention and peoples comments about how good we are and we can forget about glorifying the master. They took the donkey to Jesus, threw their clothes on it and lifted Jesus onto it and as they rode along, they spread their clothes on the road for the donkey to walked on. I want you to use your imagination, the same donkey that was tied down and hopeless, It has now become a celebrity, if this happened in our own time it will be the headline. “A donkey riding on the red carpet to the palace”. Don’t forget that all the respect was because of Jesus. The donkey can think that yes l have arrived and it’s time for these people to finally acknowledge me, it is easy to be proud and arrogant forgetting where God has brought you from. In this time and age many people worship their pastors and they forget the most high God who deserves the worship and praise because he created you and died for your sin. If you are a leader and you are reading this please do not let people put you in the place of God it is dangerous. God will not share his glory with anyone. I used this story to humble myself – because we are all human. I know as long as the King of glory is riding on me l will be fulfilling my purpose. 

Be encouraged and tap into the power of the cross to revive whatever that is dead in your life. 

I remember when l was growing up l used to dread the Easter period because on good Friday the church we are going at the time will let everybody dress in black to mourned Jesus Christ , as a young girl l will be so confused because many people will be crying and wailing and l can not see any dead body and on Sunday everybody will dress beautifully to celebrate the risen of Jesus Christ . We need to have understanding . We should be happy Jesus died for our sin . Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin. ( Hebrew 9 vs 22) Without the resurrection of Christ there is no Christianity . Easter is about being saved and the promise of a new life after this one gives true meaning and purpose for our time here on earth. Jesus came from heaven to earth to show the way , from the earth to the cross to pay for our sin and from the cross to the grave and he rose again .

Hope you are glad that you are serving a living God. He set us free from bondages and task masters. I will never know how much it cost to see Jesus on the cross. He paid the highest price. Don’t be distracted by all kinds of propaganda around Christianity at the moment. Jesus is coming soon. If you read your bible very well you will know that this is the end time. The bible says we should work out our own salvation with fear and trembling ( Philippians 2vs 12) You are not serving a man . Have your own personal relationship with God and stay focus .

Behold Jesus is alive and even death could not hold him captive even in the grave Jesus is Lord. 

Happy Easter and l pray you experience the fullness of his glory.