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Christmas Thoughts

There’s something beautiful and unique about Christmas and the anticipation of a new year coming.  Every time the new year is coming there will be many prophecies and some are so scary that you just don’t want to leave…

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Positioning For Greatness

I once learnt a very valuable lesson about positioning yourself for greatness on a drive to the dry cleaners. I was taking my husbands clothes to the dry cleaners and as I had so much clothes, I needed to park…

Blog Faith Featured

Fear and Faith

Fear and faith are present in our life everyday, we are always in a situation to make decisions, even sometimes with a little thing of what to eat, not to talk about big decision of our life that can…

Blog Faith Featured

Knowing God’s Will For Your Life

I would like start off by sharing my experience of how I came to this topic. Every Friday night from church l would drop my sister at her house. There was a side road leading to the house, there…