Born 6th June, MercyB the youngest of six children grew up in a Christian home that was full of life, love and music.

Her mother, a primary school teacher, who was firm but supportive, a disciplinarian and a great cook and her father a retired high court judge with whom Mercy shares a great relationship with, as well as being her spiritual mentor. Both parents created and maintained a household where the love and fear of God was abundant. This strong foundation has continued to ground MercyB through her life journey.

Strong willed and ambitious MercyB had thoughts of grandeur and made a conscientious decision aged 19 to travel to England. It was God’s will to make this a reality when in 1987 she received her hearts desire when her father funded a trip to the UK where she ultimately found her destiny.

Over the span of 10 years and through immense hard work and dedication MercyB and her husband Tad became successful entrepreneurs. Their success is a testimony of their faith and commitment to God which is strong and boundless.

In addition to being a devoted wife, a renowned business woman, MercyB is also a dedicated mother of three and philanthropist.

Although already a talented singer/songwriter these blessings were once viewed much more as hobbies until she received her calling in 1997 while on a retreat in Ashburnham. MercyB says ‘I clearly remember God telling me that I should minister in songs.’  Mercy B now serves at her local church – RCCG Devine Sanctuary – coordinating the service, worship team and leading worship. MercyB embraced her calling to become a gospel singer reaching out to souls worldwide.

This vision did not fully materialise until 2009 with the brand name Time 2 Shine (T2S). With this came clarity on her purpose.

MercyB now gives aspiring Christian singers a platform through mentorship and exposure in the T2S Television Talent Show and Gospel Concert, to be conducted venues, first across London and then across the country.

MercyB says ‘This will not only bring Christian communities together but the exposure will help lift the barrier and give wider non believing audiences an opportunity to see and hear the beauty of God’s music.’ As the visionary of T2S the burden to bring Christian talents out of obscurity seemed insurmountable, but MercyB believes that, ‘Where there is a will there is a way’. With God all things are possible.

If he said it, he will do it…Isaiah 40 vs. 8

With her own popular single ‘It’s Not Over, Till It’s Over’ already released MercyB is staying focused and grounded. She categorizes herself as a work in progress in the hands of the Almighty God. One of her most frequently quoted saying is a quote from Bible:

‘For God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise…’ 1 Corinthians 1:27

It helps Mercy remember that although her life many be seen as glamorous it is her blessing and her purpose that hold the most value. She refers to her singing career as a ‘ministry rather than a means to making money’. The genre of her music is R&B gospel with the objective of bringing both believers and the non-believer together in celebration, thereby anchoring their faith in Jesus Christ.

Her likeable and joyous personality is infectious and is admired by both her peers and fans. Teamed with her passion, patience and perseverance MercyB is an unstoppable force guided by God.



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