Ever felt like you know the right thing to do but you cannot help yourself?
Have you ever felt like you are in a river and you are about to drown? You have two choices you either swim or you drown. Sometimes we find ourselves in the river of life and if you don’t know how to swim, you have to scream and shout for help or you will drown.

I can never forget when my children were growing up, we went on a family holiday and l was at a swimming pool with my children and my husband was in the room. I was lying down on the chair and the children were playing round the pool, l can’t really swim and my boys are not very good either. All of a sudden l looked around and l noticed one of my sons is missing – then l saw his head under the water. Knowing he could not swim, but the older sister knows how to swim, l told her to jump in and saved her brother, my daughter froze and could not move, l still can’t explain why she couldn’t move till today, all l know is the devil is wicked. I started to screamed and shout so loud and thank God a man came to my rescue and saved my son. Listen there is a lesson here, that situation could have change my life if God had not intervened. I would have lost my son, l probably would have blamed my daughter for not rescuing her brother and my husband will not forgive me for not looking out for our son. Do you see how circumstances can alter destiny? Imagine l had slept off when this incident occurred believing all is well, sometimes we can be too relaxed and the enemy will creep in when we are not aware and probably too comfortable ( Matthew 13 vs 25) my son later told me he was pushed into the water, he was not there by choice, sometimes we find ourselves in a situation that we cannot help ourselves, you are pushed to it or you are desperate and you need help , but sometimes when you have given up on life you just let go and stop fighting.


I am speaking to someone reading this blog, your life is worth fighting for. If you don’t have what is worth stealing , the thief will not Rob you. Do you ever wonder why the devil is attacking you at every side, it’s because you have something great inside of you that he did not want you to give birth to. He wants to steal your life and he is telling you how worthless you are and you cannot amount to anything. Don’t believe the lies of the enemy. You have to be determined to push through regardless of what is staring you in the face.
You have to break the boundaries with the power of Jesus. You have to see it in the spiritual to experience it in the physical. Imagine you are in a crowded place and you need to go through because you are running out of time, what do you do? You push with all your strength; you will shout at the same time for people to move out of your way. That is called ‘breakthrough’ . If you are quiet and calm, you can never experience a breakthrough, that is why the bible say in the book of Mathew 11 vs 12″ The kingdom of God suffers violence, the righteous take it by force” how desperate are you and how tired are you? Are you tired of being oppressed and carrying the burden of life on your shoulders? You have to fight with everything inside of you because your life and your generation depends on it. If you are a mother or you have seen a mother in labour, you will be able to see how intense the process was, the more the pain , the more you need to push, if you are not in pain, you can not push , it’s called contraction, you needs the pain to push through your baby. It’s so weird that you can not push through until the pain is unbearable and as soon as you push through with all your strength and might, the baby will come through and you will feel so much relief and be full of joy of the birth of your baby and you will forget all the pain of childbearing (until the next one). No wonder the bible says the devil will leave you after your breakthrough until another opportunity comes. In the book of Luke 4 vs 19 ” Jesus was tempted by the devil, but he overcame all the temptation and that is when the devil left him until another time, so that means our life is like a circle, sometimes life can be like a rat race if you don’t have a vision. You wake up in the morning only to go to bed without achieving anything for that day. You watch the day goes by and that can definitely lead to depression. We all have 24 hours . I want to ask you a question. ” what do you do with your 24hours? You have to always be at alert; if Satan is not afraid to tempt Jesus, we will be tempted too, it’s just a case of knowing your purpose and that is how Jesus conquered Satan ( Matthew 4 vs 1-11)

If you are still comfortable with your situation, you can not be aggressive to break through because you have settled for less. You have taught yourself to live with pain, sickness and poverty. If you don’t stand up and fight for what belong to you, you will lose the little one you are holding up to, you think the devil will leave you because you are not fighting? the devil’s assignment is to steal, kill and destroy. So you see, if he can steal from you , he will be back to kill and destroy. You have to put on the full armour of God and fight for what belongs to you (Ephesians 6 vs 10) You need to change the way you talk and your negative energy. Don’t accept every rubbish that is dumped on you.

I remember when l was in primary school and l fought with someone in my class and l was so upset and l ran to the house to tell my mum so she can come and help me. When l got home she asked me two questions, she said, Is she the same age as you? I said yes, she said does she have two heads ? I said no, then she told me to go back and face the girl and l should not come back home till l stand my ground, you don’t run from issues, you stand and confront it. I was so confused as a little girl , but she was teaching me the principle of life, and from that day no one can bully me!

When l grew up and l became a christian I was confused how to balance humility and people taking advantage of you. You will hear some leaders saying you don’t have a teachable spirit because you cannot be controlled. Some Christians will bully you with the bible if you don’t have a clear understanding of the word, no wonder Timothy said in the book 2 Timothy 2 vs 15 to study to show yourself approved ” you must understand your right as a child of the most high and don’t be tossed about with every doctrine. You are tired of being a victim? Stand up and fight for what belongs to you.

Few tips:

Fight with the word of God. Find a passage in the bible concerning your situation. Stand on it and apply it your life. If you ever find yourself in the court of law, you can not win the case unless you can quote the law to defend you.
Stop living in the past .
Learn from your past mistake and move on.
Don’t depend on anyone to make you happy. Happiness is what you see now , but the joy of the Lord gives you strength.
Watch out for people with negative energy around you. Find a hobby
Laughter is contagious , hang around people of positive energy
Everybody have the right to their own opinion about you but you don’t have to live your life based on someone opinion of you.
Not everyone will like you. Don’t live your life to please man. If God can not please humanity what make you think you can. Aim to please God.
If you don’t place too much expectation on people you can never be disappointed
Set a goal for yourself and be committed to it, if you don’t have a map how will you know if you have miss the road.
Live laugh and let go so that God can take the wheel
Do not worry about tomorrow and finally look yourself in the mirror and say my life is worth fighting for.
As a Christian we are soldiers in the camp of God, stop living like a civilian, no wonder the enemy is having a great time playing with your life
Your dream and vision are possible.
Get up and fight for what belong to you enough is enough.
Your life is worth fighting for….