I love hair and every time l change my hair it makes me happy. I remember years back l will be miserable if l did not have money to do my hair or visit the salon, so my husband advised me to start my own salon since it’s my passion and it will be better for me to be self employed to be able to raise our children. l started  Radiant hair and beauty salon years back and l never knew my daughter will be the one to later take it to another level.  When l was struggling to keep the name and the business open, l never knew it will become a well reputable salon today. 

I remember always sharing the vision of wanting the salon to be known as a celebrity salon and l want it in all the hair magazine. I shared the vision with all of staff at the time but it was like a fiction to them apart from my loyal staff Tracy Campbell that believed and stood with me.

She knows where the salon started from and where it is now. She loves what she does and enjoys being a very big part of a great vision and my family.

I did not know l am keeping an inheritance for my daughter and she will be the one to bring it to pass. I am talking about vision. You need to see beyond where you are now. Image-2 (1)

I gave birth to Radiant Salon in the year 2000. At the time, my children were very young and it was really hard running a business and raising Children at the same time – especially the salon. The staff were not reliable and it was so frustrating, many times l thought of closing down, but the inner strength and the grace of God kept me going because God knew the future. My daughter always wanted to be an actress from a very young age so it never crossed my mind that she will be the proud owner of the salon. She grew up to become an actress and started to develop interest in hair industry and by that time God had already given me the vision for Time2shine. Radiant Salon was one of my excuses for not wanting to answer the call. I love this God because he knows all things and he can do whatever He wants to do and whenever He wants to. God knew l can not take the salon beyond where it was at the time. My daughter is young and fresh with new ideas. My Husband always said to our children that they must know about our businesses and they can still do whatever they want to do, but it’s always good to have a back up plan. She worked as an actress and when she is not working she helped out in running the salon  but she would not have been able to do everything by herself if not for the help of her very good friend Chanel Archer who was managing the salon before she came on board. She did a wonderful job with the salon and the brand.

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When you are talking about vision, there are many people always involved you can not build without a good team that believes in your dream and vision. When Chanel came along she didn’t have much experience but she was passionate about the salon and she is still very passionate and driven with the vision. When God gives you a vision there are many people in mind. If l had given up on the salon, l am not sure what will have happened to all these wonderful people that are building the vision with us now.

When l was managing the salon l wanted to start a fellowship but l never got to do it , but now my daughter have started the fellowship for professional ladies with one of her friend Dorothy Oginni. When she invited me to come and speak at the fellowship , it was a dream come true.

The book of proverb 13 vs 22 says A good man leaves inheritance for his children’s children.

I was just so happy to be at the re launch of the salon after a few years of my daughter taking over.

I always pray that my children will do better than me and l am sure that is the prayer of many parent out there. Let’s begin to think about the next generation .

What are you leaving behind for your children?

Can you possibly pass on what you are doing right now to your children?

Are you raising your children in the way of the Lord and preparing them for the responsibility of this world

Any man can impregnate a woman but how many fathers do we have out there?

Any woman can give birth to a baby but how many women will pay the price to really be a mother?

We are custodian of our children because they belong to God. What account can we give to God on how we have raise them.

There are many questions and believe me it’s not easy to be a parent in this generation without the help of God.  In the book of psalm 127 vs 1 unless the Lord builds the house the labourer labour in vain. Big massive well done to all the team of Radiant London. I can not but give God all the glory for the great things he has done and greater thing he will do.


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