The name a person bears is sometimes the experiences he or she will encounter in life. I was reading the story of Moses and l realised how God uses situations and upbringing to mould us to who we are according to His purpose. Moses’ birth was a divine intervention . Moses name means ‘drawn out of water” (exodus 14,7,15 vs 24) and see how God uses water consistently for him.

My parents told me how they had to do my naming ceremony twice. God told them to change my name to Oluwatobi which means ‘God is big’, second name Anuoluwapo which means God is merciful, and lastly Titilope which means forever l will praise you. I have so many experiences of God manifesting himself in a big way and his mercies everyday and l love to praise him all the time just like my name.

What is your name? What is that thing that is so constant in your life? What do you love to do and why? How can you turn your story to glory ? You need to start asking yourself questions and be real.

If you are a mother, don’t just give your child any name, seek God and pray for wisdom to help you raise them to live a life of purpose .

Moses birth came when pharaoh ordered to kill all the boys because he knows they may grown up to fight against him (exodus 1-2) The devil knows your purpose and he will go to any length to stop you. I wasn’t meant to be born too, God intervened . Looking back to Moses life shows me that nothing just happens. Moses was later raised by the very man who was supposed to have killed him. In short summary, Moses’ mother’s plans worked , he was raised by his Hebrew mother, he hears stories of his people and learns to love them and identify with their suffering so he knows who he is. He lives in the palace but he knows he doesn’t belong there. Through all the twists and turn in Moses life, God was preparing him for his great task. God allowed Moses to becomes part of pharaoh’s extended family to know how to gain access to power;  he finally fled from pharaoh and ended up in the land of Midian where he spends years taking care of Jethro’s flocks – a place of assignment.

Moses must figure out who he is and whose he is, before God can use him. I am not sure where you are at the moment, but you need to know that every experience you will ever go through, God is using it to prepare you for your greater future. Moses was living in a palace and he end up looking after flocks in a foreign land. I can identify with the story and l am sure many of us who left our land to end up in a foreign land can relate to this story.

When l left my country (Nigeria) to travel to England I wasn’t sure of what to expect, but l knew l had to go. I was comfortable living with my family until the state of the economy was so bad that my parent thought the best thing to do for me is to travel abroad to have a better future. I did all kinds of odd jobs like chamber maid, cleaner, waitress. I am my father’s princess and here l am washing toilets and cleaning others people’s mess. God allowed me to go through all this at the time to prepare me, to humble me. I am the last born of the family and my parent gave me the best of everything, and here l was in a foreign land serving food and cleaning tables. If you are too full of yourself, God can not fill you up because you are full already.  My pastor always says, if your head is too big you will not be able to go through the door. What you see as a very humiliating job or experience can lead you to a place of assignment . My husband is in to property now because we used to be homeless. I am not saying l enjoyed this part of my life, but it’s a road l must go through and God allowed it for a purpose. It was a long process.  Don’t be too quick to write yourself off. Don’t make a decision today that will destroy your future. Don’t rush ahead of God. Renew your mind and tune in to God’s purpose for your life.

When you hear the word ‘suddenly’ you must know that a lot of water has gone under the bridge and suddenly God intervenes.  When you are watching a movie or reading a book and so many things are happening, you are waiting for that moments when something drastically change. Our life is full of drama, ups and downs, but suddenly God will turn your story to glory if you only believe.